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Celebrate your love of beautiful and unique treasures with my women's jewelry and mixed media art. As a multifaceted, imaginative person, I view all of my unusual jewelry as a mixture of unrelated puzzle pieces. Each item is a slow, completely unknown happening. My goal is to refit, redefine, and ultimately create an entirely new vision. I consider my ability to juxtapose and present unique works of art to be the most important passion in my life.

Through BabetteArt, I provide customers with one-of-a-kind creations that include earrings and necklaces. I am a versatile New York artist that also produces exclusive mixed media wall art--specifically paintings. My technique involves collage and assemblage using various materials, such as acrylic paint, wood, metal, found objects, and game pieces. Contact me to learn what items are available or to request custom pieces.

I view my art and jewelry as a mixture of puzzle pieces. I utilize a variety of objects or small random jewelry parts from sources such as old metal, wood, or paper. Then I completely re-arrange and re-invent brand new creations.

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